450 baht 30 Days.
  • Unlimited internet at 2 Mbps speed

  • vatPrice

How to apply

Topup money to you sim for vat included price.



DTAC 24 Hrs.

DTAC Prepaid internet packages that are valid for 24 hours (1 day)

12 Aug 2022 11:45 Read more..

DTAC Popular packages

Recommend a promotion that is suitable for use during this period. Top up enough money and press apply.

11 Aug 2022 09:14 Read more..

TrueMove-H Recommended

11 Aug 2022 08:49 Read more..

AIS Most popular internet packages

Unlimited internet, no speed reduction, is a popular promotion these days. The most worthwhile to apply for during this period. And try to choose a package that is suitable for you.

11 Aug 2022 08:40 Read more..

DTAC 90 Days

10 Aug 2022 20:16 Read more..

DTAC 30 Days

Internet package that is valid for 30 days from dtac prepaid.

10 Aug 2022 20:15 Read more..

TrueMove-H 24 Hours.

10 Aug 2022 18:08 Read more..

DTAC 7 Days

Internet package that is valid for 7 days from dtac prepaid.

08 Aug 2022 11:12 Read more..

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